The customer is King and talking to the King appropriately is key. We understand that retail projects must take place in an appropriate environment, must be conducted safely and efficiently, and must make sufficient and lasting impact to ensure a return visit!

We fit out and upgrade for small, independent retailers who need nothing more than basic, organised storage in a safe, shop environment. We also work with large chains including Barnados, Post Office, Vans and Rippleglen (now JCR Limited), who are one of the UK’s largest, independently owned newsagent and convenience chains, where in addition to customer convenience and comfort, key to a successful fit out is an appreciation of public safety and wider factors including staff welfare, lease and operating agreements and IT solutions.

The Ace in our pack is our ability to respond…… we appreciate that there will always be external factors which could impact on a refurbishment and compromise an opening date. We have sufficient experience to anticipate many of these, i.e. the need for lease agreements to be in place, suitable methods of waste disposal, access agreements, utilities, etc. In instances where we need to be responsive, each of our team has immediate phone access to our Operations Director as indeed, will all of our customers who might need it or want it, be it the Managing Director, a member of the security staff or the shop owner…… it’s not that he’s needy …… he just believes that we are only ever as good as our last job and will do everything he can to uphold our excellent reputation.


I have found Evolve to be very easy to work with; their site foremen have an eye for detail and they regularly deliver a quality product.

Final accounts have always come within acceptable parameters too.


Chris Ankorn, Barnados