Commercial & Industrial

We haven’t been nervous when scaling up what we do and working on larger commercial and industrial projects…rather it’s given us the chance to show off our expertise on a grander scale!

Working with London and Cambridge Properties, GKN Chep, Meggitt Areospace and Urban Splash at the Fort Dunlop we have gained considerable experience in dealing with the different demands and specifics of working on industrial/commercial buildings and we’ve done it well….. we appreciate that dilapidation works must be delivered to a high standard because ultimately, it is the finish that makes re-let easier for our customer.

We understand that properties may be part of a larger complex which has to continue operating whilst our works are underway and because of this, there may be other complications, demands and restrictions which impact on our work. With such knowledge and our willingness to work with people, we can pre-empt many problems which would otherwise impact on timescales and budgets.