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There’s no place like home ….. and we understand that there will be no end to the anxiety and trepidation involved in allowing builders into your home, even if it is in your own long term interest!

We appreciate that the decision to undertake renovations to your home will be extremely personal with the outcome sometimes difficult to visualise. We understand that works may often require bespoke solutions and these may well be teased out during the refurbishment process rather than beforehand. Our team believe that by working in partnership with architects, suppliers and most importantly, you, our customer, we will hand you back your home and you’ll be delighted. We will always keep you informed of any extra costs which may arise during the work.

We will keep fuss to a minimum because we understand that the security and comfort of your family whilst works are ongoing will be as important as finally delivering to you the home you are hoping for.

We have carried out both small and large refurbishment works including conversions, upgrades and extensions. Our team are fully conversant with the sometimes bureaucratic procedures involved and will happily share their experience to bring about a sound, uncomplicated refurbishment of your most valuable asset whilst keeping your neighbours and bank manager happy during the process.


I had three quotations for work and all were pretty similar.

I chose Evolve because their quotation was comprehensively broken down which meant I had a more informed idea of where I could control costs. This was really important to me because I was on a limited budget.

The guys happily arranged for me to visit other domestic customers to see the standard of their work and by speaking to those customers, I was convinced.

Everyone at Evolve is hands on …. I was able to contact them easily and I really didn’t feel intimidated by builder speak and tech terms. They helped me with all aspects of the work e.g. building control and design and were happy to liaise with other suppliers.

I have been blown away by what they have done at my home and couldn’t recommend them more highly.


Mary Kennedy, Sutton Coldfield